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25 янв. 2013 г. - Ich nehme meine Wii Lp's mit der HD PVR in 720x420 und mit 60fps auf. Wenn dann alles Synchron ist mochte ich das Video mit MeGUI

InterFrame 2.8.2 - Framedoubling/60FPS/HFR conversion script

to 60FPS which greatly enhances the smoothness of the motion. (in MeGUI's root) went then to say "no function named "MSuper"". I heard it

Encoding 30fps from 60fps source, keep maximum smoothness

I've followed your great guide from spirton.com/convert-videos-to-60fps/ MeGUI seems to work great through all steps, even if I

Convert videos to 60fps using SVP + MeGUI | Guide to

I've been searching around the internet and I found this article on how to convert/save your videos to 60FPS

4. Encoding with MeGUI - 60 fps encoding guide

I successfully did it with MeGUI but I have a question about the scripts. Because I Did you see tutorial from SubJunk: Convert videos to 60fps?Создание Rip'а с помощью SVP в программt Сообщений: 123 ноя 2013SVP 3.1.4: Подавление площадных в Сообщений: 421 июн 2013сохранение видео 60 фпс проблема (Page 1 Сообщений: 2512 окт 2011Как изменить скрипт для рипа DVD с Сообщений: 2511 апр 2011Другие результаты с сайта svp-team.comTo the people who render/convert 60 FPS Openings etc https://www.reddit.com//to_the_people_w … яПеревести эту страницу2 нояб. 2014 г. - I tried the method with MeGUI several times and no matter what quality I put it to (took an hour rendering a 1min 29sec Opening from 24>60 fps)

Convert regular videos to 60FPS - Urban Terror Forums

19 мая 2010 г. - Optional Tip: If you want MeGUI to update to the very latest stuff (at your Click the New button down the bottom and type 60FPS in the name
MeGUI. Launch MeGUI. Open your Avisynth script (encode.avs in my case). 4.1 AssumeTFF() and AssumeBFF() A preview window will appear. Use the arrow
  it to fps 30 (by using MeGUI, ChangeFPS(30)), the result video looks is there anyway to encode videos from 60fps source to 30fps and still
Video showing how to convert 30fps video to 60fps with MeGUI which i now use to convert my gaming videos